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MUSIVA PLUS ENCORE is conceived and produced with the aim to propose the
beauty of traditional mosaic through a very large range of colours and tesserae
sizes, so to allow the most various laying solutions.
But that’s not all.

The ecological respect for our ambient, together with the necessity to avoid useless
squandering, stimulated the research at the base of MUSIVA PLUS ENCORE
production, so to obtain a product employing raw materials characterized by a
low environmental impact.

Our researches on the most idoneous matter for MUSIVA PLUS ENCORE production
led us to single out the raw material consisting of vitreous residues deriving from the
manufacture of products intended for the medical field.

This vitreous material actually offers excellent qualities of stability, superficial
brightness and adaptability to the most part of ceramic pigments.
It’s furthermore already available, since it’s a material obtained by using again a
product, deriving from an other industrial field, which would otherwise go wasted.








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