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A new collection in porcelain stoneware which, thanks to the digital technique, reproduces all the variety of wood grains and patterns and which, thanks to its five different sizes allows layings to resemble the natural product beauty.

The new digital technique allows a numberless quantity of surface pattern variations, in order to obtain visual effects which perfectly resemble the laying of the natural product, and adds a higher aesthetic value to the strength of porcelain material.




160003 Betulla 11,7x97

160002 Betulla 23,7x97

160001 Betulla 15,7x97

160005 Betulla 15,7x47,8

160004 Betulla 11,7x47,8




160013 Frumento 11,7x97

160012 Frumento 23,7x97

160011 Frumento 15,7x97

160015 Frumento 15,7x47,8

160014 Frumento 11,7x47,8




160023 Ciliegio 11,7x97

160022 Ciliegio 23,7x97

160021 Ciliegio 15,7x97

160025 Ciliegio 15,7x47,8

160024 Ciliegio 11,7x47,8




160033 Castagna 11,7x97

160032 Castagna 23,7x97

160031 Castagna 15,7x97

160035 Castagna 15,7x47,8

160034 Castagna 11,7x47,8




160043 Carbone 11,7x97

160042 Carbone 23,7x97

160041 Carbone 15,7x97

160045 Carbone 15,7x47,8

160044 Carbone 11,7x47,8


Pezzi speciali


16000- Battiscopa Betulla 7,8x47,8
16010- Battiscopa Frumento 7,8x47,8
16020- Battiscopa Ciliegio 7,8x47,8
16030- Battiscopa Castagna 7,8x47,8
16040- Battiscopa Carbone 7,8x47,8


16001- Step Betulla 15,7x47,8
16011- Step Frumento 15,7x47,8
16021- Step Ciliegio 15,7x47,8
16031- Step Castagna 15,7x47,8
16041- Step Carbone 15,7x47,8





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